Tips to Ready your HVAC System for Winter

Tips to Ready your HVAC System for Winter

As we approach the winter season, the temperature slowly drops to a level beyond our comfort zone. Thus, it’s natural to turn to our old reliable HVAC for our heating requirements. However, a non-working HVAC system during the winter months could spell doom for the entire household. That’s why we took this opportunity to come up with a guide to help ensure that your heating system keeps your home warm and comfortable during the entire winter season.



Our first tip, of course, starts with something within your control—cleaning your air  vents. During your cleaning routine, be sure not to neglect your air vents and registers. Dust and dirt usually gather in these places, causing your furnace to work harder and preventing warm air from reaching your living spaces. Keeping your air vents and registers free of dust and dirt build-up will also ensure good air quality circulating in your home while keeping your home free from pathogens and other airborne microorganisms to keep you healthier.


Next, check your air filters. If they are dirty, they will need cleaning or replacement. That said, you have to check if the filters are reusable or not. If they are reusable, then a simple cleaning will do the trick; if they are replaceable, they need to be replaced. The life span is usually around one month. After that, it has to be discarded. A dirty air filter will not only affect your HVAC system’s performance (fans have to work harder and thus cause an increase in energy consumption) but allow contaminants to find their way into your homes.


Assuming your insulation system is in pristine condition, you can set your eyes outdoors. First, check if your outdoor air conditioner unit is in a safe place and protected from the elements and other factors. Next, make sure that it’s well-covered to protect it from ice and snow. There are a dozen and one inexpensive ways to ensure this.


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